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   Archivarius 3000  
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  September 30, 2018  
  Archivarius 3000  
  Version: 4.79  

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Screen shots

Here are screen shots of Archivarius 3000 basic windows.

Main window of the program with results list in cite mode. Relevant extracts from documents are shown in results list. Found words are highlighted.
Main window of the program with results list in table mode. Documents in the table can be sorted by any column in both orders. Also additional columns are available, which are hidden by default.
"Advanced search attributes" panel. It is possible to search by file name, modification date, file size, type of document, encodings and other fields.
Window for documents previewing. Viewer is supported large files (40 MB and high) and can open it in a few seconds (other programs need about minute to open 30 MB). Viewer supports highlighting, cursor, quick search, moving by found words, print, send by e-mail, statistics and many others.

 Archivarius 3000 
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