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  2018년 9월 30일  
  Archivarius 3000  
  버전: 4.79  

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I have been meaning to write this since we received Archivarius 3000 some time ago. I work for a legal office of a government agency in California. We have been using your program for about 6 months, and it is fantastic. When searching for a program to use to search .pdf files, I tried at least a dozen or so. Each program was either too slow, did not give me enough options or the interface was just to difficult for the entire office to learn. Archivarius 3000 meets all of our requirements and then some!

We have a data base of approximately 800 reports that it is necessary for me to search on an almost daily basis. Each and every time I have found what I am looking for! If I don't find it, it is not there. We also have a database of 5000 plus opinions with about 1000 left to scan. It was always quite the ordeal to find what we were looking for – a search with explorer took too long – and looking through many file drawers was almost impossible.

Invariably, I am asked to find something and it is needed "right now" ..... with Archivarius 3000 I am able to meet the "right now" requirement.

Thank you again for a great program!


The most cost-effective shareware I've ever known!

I have a huge collection of pdf, doc and WordPerfect documents, not to mention many other formats such as hmtl and chm. I had tried many ways to logically order these documents without success! Every time I had to search many documents, I lost a lot of time searching in a rigid folder structure. I tried to add keywords to file names, catalog them using at least ten different file cataloging and retrieving applications, until I decided none was worth. One day, I don't remember how, I found Archivarius. A few bucks solved my problem, and even more. The spared time paid the application the very first day I bought it! (just think how many hours of not losing your time would compensate the price of Archivarius; it could be even one or less).

Now, folder structure has no importance at all. I find always exactly what I need, regardless of where I stored it.

But this is not the only use for Archivarius. Working in a so complex subject as climate change and carbon sequestration, being up to date is a must, and of course I don't have time to review tens of publications on the subject coming to my hands every week, but I don't care: I let Archivarius to analize them, and then I know exactly which papers deal with a certain subject using the key words I'm interested in.

And also, referencing ideas in my scientif papers is a breeze: I search for keywords among hundreds of scientific papers and find quickly who has also deal with the same subjects and which publications I should reference.

I don't want to bore you, let me tell you just another outstanding key of Archivarius: the linguistic flexibility of Archivarius is also incredible. In languages with conjugations, genders, declensions and plurals as Spanish, inflexible searching systems are very limited.

Álvaro Vallejo
Tropical Agricultural and Higher Education Center
CATIE, Costa Rica

I receive hundreds of e-mails in a month and I archive my Outlook Express folders on a CD every term. Previously I used a special application to search within my old messages after inserting the CD into my drive.

When I met Archivarius 3000 I recognized its power in e-mail content retrieving. I could index all of my folders, even the latest messages on my hard drive. This way I can search in my total indexed archive, not only in a selected folder, like I did in the e-mail archiver. The other advantage is that I can search by exact phrase, like in Google!s Advanced Search, so I really can find what I want, not to speak of Archivarius's high speed. I can even find e'mail attachments, if their format is supported.

This shareware is a must have for those, who work with documents.

Jozsef Tamas Herczeg
Soft-Trans Bt., Hungary

After purchasing Archivarius 3000 over a year ago it has become an essential part of my PC setup and everyday use. As a professional librarian I find it meets my criteria for effective and efficient searching.

I can set it to index drives or folders, my Favorites or research documents. For example, I find it essential for searching for software licences and so on.

It is remarkable for being able to search a very comprehensive range of document types and supporting quite sophisicated search protocols and criteria. It is configurable and well-mannered, doing exactly what you want it to do.

A great deal is made of search tools from large software and search organisations, but against such giants and for just a few dollars Archivarius 3000 is a real quiet achiever.

Support is excellent with ongoing enhancements of the program. A winner!

Rick Dale
Brisbane, Australia

 Archivarius 3000 
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