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   Archivarius 3000  
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  September 30, 2018  
  Archivarius 3000  
  Version: 4.79  

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Please select language for the web-site:

     Portuguese (Brazil)
     Chinese (Simplified)

Software translation

Our products are already translated on many languages. If you want to make translation of our products to new language, then please contact us by electronic mail We will send you the file with strings for translation. And after your translation we will gift you registration key.

If you have found errata in translations or on our web-site, then please contact us by electronic mail, and we will fix it. Thanks in advance.

Supported languages in programs

All our products support these languages (in alphabetical order):

1.    Albanian
2.    Arabic
3.    Azerbaijani (Latin)
4.    Belarusian
5.    Bulgarian
6.    Catalan
7.    Chinese (Simplified)
8.    Chinese (Traditional)
9.    Croatian
10.    Czech
11.    Dutch
12.    English
13.    French
14.    Georgian
15.    German
16.    Greek
17.    Hungarian
18.    Italian
19.    Japanese
20.    Korean
21.    Latvian
22.    Lithuanian
23.    Malay
24.    Norwegian (Nynorsk)
25.    Persian
26.    Polish
27.    Portuguese
28.    Portuguese (Brazil)
29.    Romanian
30.    Russian
31.    Spanish
32.    Swedish
33.    Turkish
34.    Ukrainian
35.    Uzbek (Cyrillic)
36.    Uzbek (Latin)
37.    Yiddish

 Archivarius 3000 
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